On-Site Training

Training Costs

BilingualFamilyReading.com charges a flat fee of $1,500 for on-site training. We do not limit the number of people from a single campus who may attend.

Staff Training

BilingualFamilyReading.com believes that staff in-service is important to ensure the success of your program. We offer a half day of in-service training for school coordinators, administrators, teachers, school volunteers, and/or other designated staff members. During the staff training we guide the facilitator of the program in the manner best suited to implement their family reading program. We discuss recommendations of duration, grade level, recruitment, retention, recognition and involvement of students and parents. To maximize savings we encourage school districts to group multiple sites together for a single comprehensive staff training.
Our training will include:

story objectives as meaning centered models of reading

using reading to encourage family involvement and ESL mentoring

hands-on demonstration of story extension activities

effective approaches to reading at home

ongoing consulting via our 800 number

Parent Training

We offer an interactive and friendly approach to introduce parents to active parental involvement and shared reading. Whether it's Kinder, First, or Second grade we offer innovative approaches to recruit and retain parental involvement. Regardless of the language of your families - English or Spanish - our on-site training will effectively address their needs. Training will include:

overview of program objectives

presentation of materials to be used at home

hands-on demonstration of reading techniques for parents

review of story extension activities for families

review of program commitment requirements

parent contracts

book rotation schedule

pick up and delivery of materials

reading techniques for pre-literate parents