Character Education


Our 30 bilingual children's books explore universal ethical attributes of courage, respect, loyalty, caring, responsibility, citizenship, hope, honesty, and love. books can be used to start or supplement a Character Education program. Our program can provide over 30 opportunities for direct parental involvement in Character Education through stories which emphasize social and emotional skills that lead to responsibility and consideration for others. Interactive discussion questions found in the story extension activities in the Facilitator's Guide allow parents to demonstrate their own values and relive personal experiences. We believe our stories, songs, and games provide one of the best ways for parents to establish good communication, model cooperation, develop knowledge, and establish rules of conduct.


Our Facilitator's Guide recommends additional discussion questions and activities that encourage critical thinking, writing, cooperative learning, and exploration of values and feelings. No translations are needed. All activities and discussion questions in the Facilitator's Guide are written in both Spanish and English.

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Assets are like money in a savings account. They increase in value over time. They provide a sense of security, and they are resources which a child can draw on again and again. they more assets young people have, the more likely they are to succeed in school and be helpful, healthy, and productive citizens.

For each of the 40 assets this guide offers:
- "Food for thought" - helpful conversation starters for group leaders.
- Quote of the day that reflects the values implied by the Asset discussed.
- "Actionable Objectives" for parents. Real things that parents can do.

• Click on the guide to look inside at sample pages inside the guide.