Stand As One Kit

Item #: 600
Price: $495.00

Ready-to-Use Lessons and Activities for Stand As One

Each Stand As One kit consists of the following:

The Wolfpak (40 copies)
A thrilling story about deception, fear, and redemption. The Wolfpak allows students to view the realm of gangs and drugs through the eyes of Jorge, a innocent third grader who is lured into joining a gang and delivering drugs.

Student/Parent Activity Guide

A program leaders guide to active learning techniques (i.e., brainstorming, collective problem solving, discussion questions, etc.) designed to create dialogs about gangs, drugs, violence, self-awareness and self-esteem.

Kits can be customized to match your needs. The kit comes with 40 copies of The Wolfpak in English, but if you need copies of The Wolfpak in Spanish just let us know. We will build your kit with any combination you desire. For example: (20 copies of The Wolfpak in English and 20 copies in Spanish). Call for details.

• Click on the picture of the kit to look at sample pages of the student activities.

Inside This Book