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Family Reading Program


West Covina Unified School District
Office of Secondary Curriculum/Second Language Program
Maria Gautreau, Director
1717 West Merced Ave.
West Covina, CA 91790-3406
(626) 939-4600

November 4, 1999

L-E-T* came to this district two years ago as a pilot program in two of our elementary schools. It was so well-received by principals and parents at those schools that the principals asked to increase the supply of "mochillas". Fortunately it was possible to extend the program to all nine of the elementary schools last year, thanks to Emergency Immigrant Education Funds and its requisite plan for expending the funds.

The plan clearly focused on additional opportunities for student to increase their reading skills as well as increasing the possibilities for parents to become more involved in their children's education; and particularly in the area of encouraging reading at home.

The L-E-T* materials were able to address both parental involvement and increased reading opportunities for all. The entire backpack concept with the activity books, dual-language readers, and audio cassettes really encouraged reading at home. Often, many of the participating families do not have adequate reading materials readily available at home. Thus, the L-E-T Family Reading Program* guarantees that there is something to read.

Parent training to support the at-home reading activities adds an additional and very significant dimension to the materials provided by the program. Sometimes, too, parents themselves are not skilled in reading either in Spanish or in English. The audio cassette tapes give everyone an opportunity to enjoy the story books, and maybe even learn to read as well.

I know that the elementary schools in this district look forward to the upper elementary L-E-T program that is now in the preparation process. But maybe the best endorsement of the program is that the parents whose children participated in L-E-T's program in the primary grades are now asking for the next level of materials!

* in 2010 Lake Educational Technologies (L-E-T, inc.) became BilingualFamilyReading.com