A Positive Approach

To Family Reading and Parental Involvement

BilingualFamilyReading.com is a provider of bilingual family reading and family involvement programs that encourage parenting skills and family literacy with bilingual books and reading activities. Founded in 1995, BilingualFamilyReading.com quickly established a national reputation for innovation and excellence in public schools and specially funded programs. If you are seeking a fresh and highly effective approach to parental involvement, BilingualFamilyReading.com has the answers.

Positive Parental Involvement

BilingualFamilyReading.com has materials for pre-K through 2nd grade that provide structured, meaning centered activities. Our unique programs involve the entire family in reading, language and vocabulary development, language mastery, and character building communication. Let us show you how to unite the positive energy of schools and families into programs that nurture and support educational growth and parent/child interaction.